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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Are you scared yet?

Now Doc is unhappy and I’m afraid that I’m responsible for this state of affairs. Instead of drinking Real Ales in the Jerusalem Tavern, as we were supposed to do yesterday, we ended up in the cinema to feed my Costume Drama habit.

“Come on,” I cajoled, “it’s Roman Polanski! He directed Aliens!”
“What?” spluttered Doc. “Roman Polanski never directed Alien!”
“Oh, didn’t he? Maybe it was Rosemary’s baby. Anyway, something scary, just the way you like it.”
“Your definition of scary is watching Miss Marple re-runs without the lights on,” Doc reminded me.
“Tsk. Is not.”
“Then who was it that shrieked like a banshee when we went to see the play Woman in Black?”
“But that was scary!”
“It’s a theatre play. Nobody gets scared in the theatre, unless they watch the Vagina Monologues with Kathy Bates.”

And so on and on. But no arguing can change nature, which has ordained that
A) I shall be a woman;
B) Doc shall be a man...
... and you all know what that means. Yup, I got my way, and we watched Oliver Twist instead of drinking beer.

Bad karma placed me firmly behind a curly-haired Italian girl, though, which meant I only caught random glimpses of the action through her Botticelli locks. After all, you can’t really lean over and part someone's hairdo like leaves in a djungle – because messing with a girl and her coiffure… now that’s scary.


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