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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Galaxy Far Far Away

Oh my, don't we all love star-spotting! I'm not very good at it, but since coming to London I have done my best to natch up a respectable star-spotting tab.

Here we go:

1. In a bar, a friend of mine pointed out a youngster in a velvet suit that she swore was famous, though she wasn't sure exactly what FOR. She theorised that it might be MTV Europe, but phoned me up next morning to say that it was probably Top of the Pops she was thinking of. So that's star number one: Velvet Suit, Possibly from Top of Pops.

2. In the lovely restaurant Shampers, off Kingly Street, I caught a glimpse of a leonine mane tucking into a plate of sallad. Have to admit that I thought nothing more of it until my dinner companion asked in hushed tones if that wasn't "the woman off Ally McBeal". By that time, the leonine mane had already finished her salad and disappeared, so we can't know for sure. Voila, star number two: Leonine mane, Possibly the woman off Ally McBeal.

I admit that these are quite small fixtures on the firmament. They shed their light from a galaxy far, far away, maybe. At this rate, I might get to see the Archbishop of Canterbury in a couple of years time.

Although, in my defense, I have seen Kevin Spacey and Rob Lowe - but on stage, which is cheating. And here I have to add that I find it very bad mannners to start clapping the minute the star sets foot on stage, completely ignoring the other actors who have been sweating blood for our entertainment for about half an hour already.

There! Keep those flippers still, children!


At 4:38 PM, Blogger Swedish Girl said...

Oh, I almost forgot:

I saw Tracy Emin on Heathrow and Popworld Simon in Soho.


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