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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lucia in St Paul's Cathedral

Yay! I’ve discovered that there will be a Lucia service in St Pauls in December and am of course planning to go – although if this actually happens is another story. After all, my Time Out copies are full of dutifully circled events that come and pass while I vegetate in front of the TV.

But maybe my fierce, ex-pat passion for everything Swedish will actually make me go? I feel that if the sight of dry old Singoalla biscuits in the IKEA food shop can make me yelp with delight, I should be able to haul myself away to listen to songs that really are beautiful.


Facts for Non-Swedes: Lucia is a vaguely religious feast in Sweden. For some odd reason, we've taken to celebrate a catholic saint called Lucia (though we are dour Lutherans) on 13 December. This involves getting dressed out in white robes, singing Italian songs in Swedish and balancing a contraption with lit candles on your head.

If you're not Swedish, it's probably hard to understand our fondness for this possibly incendiary outfit, but hey.

I remember my sister and other assorted Scandinavians doing the Lucia thingamejig in a church in France. The priest was very worried about the whole thing. He seemed to think that they would sacrifice a goat by the altar and burst out in lusty Viking chants.


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