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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Now That's Another Tory...

The cigar-chomping bonhomie of Europhile Kenneth Clarke hasn't been enough to keep him in the race for the Tory leadership party. Last night, the Conservative MPs decided that he has delighted them long enough, and the contenders are now whittled down to:

1. Baby-faced Eton-boy David Cameron, who just weathered a "did he or did he not take cocaine?" controversy without getting his floppy mop in a tizzy.
2. Rightwinger David Davies, who in spite of growing up on a council estate and serving as a SAS reserve looks about as hard as a squidgy marshmallow.
3. Liam Fox, apparently an old-school Thatcher man, who I admit haven't registered much on my radar.

This nomination is a much more boisterous affair than our sedate, Swedish way of chosing party leaders, which seems to consist of approaching a number of horrified people, who all try to avoid the honour with lame excuses like "but I've got to wash my hair today". Finally, someone is led away to the office by his ear, and then normally stays there for, oh, about 50 years. We don't really like change much.

But, as we all know, the UK is home to a noisy Parliament and their politicos are of a more flamboyant variety. The Tory MPs will now elect two candidates, who then have to persuade the grassroots to vote for them. Don't ask me exactly how this happens - I have still not got my head around the caucases (plural? spelling? meaning?) of the US Democrat campaign and courage fails me when I consider starting all over again with the British system.

I do like this cruel talent show approach to matters though. It's entertaining. At the Party Conference, all the candidates gave speeches, and the media actually measured the length and vigour of hand-clapping afterwards. It was like a Pop Idol talent show.


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mora di er mann

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Irene Done said...

That's the funniest and most informative explanation of Swedish politics I've ever seen. And don't worry. I don't think anyone understands our caucuses. Except for about 5 people in Iowa.


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