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Friday, October 28, 2005

On the Sunny Side of Oxford Street

Another autumn, another H&M Christmas campaign. Were you, like me, fooled by last year’s Karl Lagerfeld malarkey? In Geneva at the time, I insisted on rushing into the nearest H&M shop, which surely is the Swedish equivalent of Brits demanding pints of lager in Megaluf or Austrians yodelling at Heathrow*: fine in your own country, but not very imaginative when abroad.

Anyway, in I rushed, only to be met with a section of non-descript, black garments. I believe I even spotted a disturbing tights-and-tunics combo. This is really all I’m ever going to say on the matter.

This year’s haute couture Big Beast is of course Stella McCartney (collection in stores on 10 November). Or Big Beast is perhaps not the best description – very small, even lap-dog sized, Beast would be more accurate. (That’s got the right Pekinese associations as well, as I can’t help but observe – although this is quite bitchy so please disregard.) Surely this is bodes better for the collection?

After all, Lagerfeld doesn’t design for young women. He’s much more at home on the planet of two-pieces. Although I have never got closer to a Stella McCartney piece than a paparazzi pic in Marie-Claire, they seem funkier, girlier… more H&M, tout simplement.

And I suppose there’s the rub: I don’t want to buy Stella’s clothes because they look Haute Couture. I want to buy them because they look Highstreet.

So what’s the point in sleeping in a cardboard box outside the shop like some straggly-haired StarWars fan? What’s the point in queing, cross and sweaty, to get five depressing minutes in the changing room? When the style I like can be found next door in Warehouse, under much calmer auspices?

Face it, expensive clothes are never going to be as much fun. I'm sticking to the sunny side of the highstreet.

*one of these two phenomena surely more common than the other


At 6:43 PM, Blogger Mel said...

"So what’s the point in sleeping in a cardboard box outside the shop like some straggly-haired StarWars fan?"

Laughed out loud at that one. Very funny stuff. And I agree with you as well.


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