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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Real Ale Question

Real ales – now there’s a subject that has occupied my close friend Doc for a while. That’s not real as opposed to virtual, though. It’s real as in connected to the Land, the Past and - I vaguely imagine – Livestock & Laconic Farmers. It’s real as in “what Father Tuck would have brewed in Sherwood Forest”.

Real ales normally seem to be consumed by bearded people in dusty pubs. I also think there might be a folk music connection, although this would horrify Doc.

If you’re still not sure whether that’s a real ale in your hand, or merely an impostor with an expensive ad campaign behind it, then just check the following:
  • Are there odd-looking bits swivelling around at the bottom of your pint?
  • Does it foam like the mouth of (possibly deceased) cow?
  • Do you have to listen to long lectures from Doc or barman before taking a sip?

A great place to drink Real Ales: The Jerusalem Tavern A great place to avoid Real Ales: American Bar at The Savoy


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Lucky said...

Mmmmm so thirst...

But I can't teach drunk...

can I?

You've inspired me! Tonight I will pop open a bottle of Westmallen Trapist Ale. Now there's a frothy dead cow draught worth a long, slurpy sip.

Or perhaps a glass of Rogue Dead Guy Ale...



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