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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rollerskate Disco at Kings Cross

Hey girls, get your leg-warmers, pom-poms and blue eyeshadow out - it's time for the Rollerskate Disco at Bagleys' in Kings Cross Depot! No excuses now, Proud Mary, you know that you need to keep rollin'.

And what do you mean you can't skate? That's what the good-looking minders are there for.

Be warned, though - at first, the location appears a bit dodgy. Yes, it does look as though you are taken away to a parking lot to get duct-tape plastered over your mouth before being stuffed away in the boot of a car. Once inside, however, the disco is all palmtrees, cushy sofas and ra-ra skirts. Lycra-clad creatures swoosh around three different dancefloor, and everything is very Baz Luhrman-esque and retro.


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