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Saturday, November 26, 2005

24 Hour Party People

The new licencing laws have kicked in, and English pubs no longer have to ring the bell for last orders at eleven o'clock. The tabloids are joyfully bellowing about "24 hour drinking!" but it seems that most watering holes have settled for the more modest closing hour of midnight.

Still, it turned everybody into social observers, scouring London for signs of sensational debauchery. It began on Friday morning, when I spotted a pair of abandoned sneakers by the bus stop. One of my fellow commuters caught my eye and shook his turban.

"24 hour drinking..."

"Do you think?" I said doubtfully. After all, the sneakers were orange with white stripes. It could be that their wearer had just suddenly regained his senses, looked down on them in horror and abandoned them on the spot.

Then, as it was Friday, I went out for lunch with come colleagues. Two of them ordered beer.

"See, it has started already", my editor told me mournfully. "Soon they'll be dancing on the tables, getting sick and knocked up and in all sorts of trouble."

Doc phoned me in the afternoon with the happy announcement:

"I'm out for beers with the blokes! 24 hour drinking!"

(Although he did come home at eleven, shaking his grey head: "The homing devices kicked in...")

When Doc and I went out yesterday we passed an off-licence where the shelves had been emptied. Only one bottle of Cava cowered in a corner.

"Stock check?" I asked Doc.

"Could be..."


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Curiosa said...

Well, you were looking for a new pair of tennis shoes, weren't you?

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Swedish Girl said...

Didn't think about that.

I suppose it could be someone escaping from the clutches of Ben.


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