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Friday, November 04, 2005

Blame the Name Game

Anglosaxons have really got the hang of nick names. They happily refer to their PMs and presidents as Tony and Bill, and it only takes them five minutes of acquaintance to come up with a new pet name for you. (Normally, all you have to do is cut the name in two & add the endings -ster, -ie or -er.)

"Hey, Billster! Fancy a pint?"

As a Swede, I’m incapable of this easy familiarity. I mean, just calling people by their first name makes me feel a bit like an American presidential candidate, for Pete’s sake.

It’s not that we Swedes don’t want to call each other by nick-names. We try our best. But all those cute monikers tend to stay in e-mails, I’ve noticed, when you feel less self-conscious about using them.

Anyway, this maybe goes some way towards explaining why my blog-nicks are so uniformly rubbish. Just look at my own signature! “Swedish Girl”, for crying out loud! It sounds like you are either

A) jumping up and down and shouting – “look at me, look at me, I’m blonde and tall!” (I am neither, but in the blogosphere, who can tell?)


B) severely lacking in imagination (oh, but that I am!).

And then my friends get stuck with naff labels like Señorita, Aurora, Le Français and Doc.

But wait a minute - perhaps I shouldn’t blame this on my Swedish-ness? After all, I’ve come across a plethora of cool Swedish nicks since I started blogging. Oh bugger, that’s my last line of defence gone. Normally, if I’ve done something stupid, I always plaintively say: “But we do it like that in Sweden.”


At 11:02 PM, Anonymous South American Girl said...

Hi, again!

Here, very deep into the South, we are very fond of giving pet names to our politicians, as well. Our elected presidents, for instance, have got not only their names fashioned into the shape of diminutive suffixes, such as Carlitos, Fernandito or Adolfito, listing them all could be dull, indeed!*, but also enduring monikers, which are still fresh within the memory of my people. Here it goes the most recent and memorable ones,

-Chupete (Dummy)
-Cabezón (meaning that his head is just that big like a balloon)
-Tuertín (kind of cross-eyed; but in his particular case, one eye looks in towards his nose and the other one towards the sky… :-?)
-Pingüino (Penguin)

*I’m from a country which had 5 presidents just within a week! Oh, that was the outcome of Chupete’s crash. Seized by an infuriated mob, Fernandito, alias Chupete, had to leave the House of Government in a helicopter! After that, our Congressmen picked out 5 provisional presidents, and then, five months later, a brand-new president, democratically elected, showed up again.

With regard to your blog-nicks, I wouldn’t say that they "are so uniformly rubbish". They’re just blog-names and they're OK.

Keep up writing! Your posts are interesting and funny!

Best wishes.

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Emmanuel said...

Thanks for visiting. This post reminds me how we used to do this in elementary school. Every kid in the club would get a name ending on -i. No matter which name, we always managed.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Swedish Girl said...

Whey-hey, that's a lot of presidents in one week!

I'd stick with the one called Penguin, that's kinda cute... although I'm trying to figure out how came to be called it. Is he very small, wears a suit (and sometimes scoot across the ice on his tummy)?

Thanks for stopping by again, South American girl!

At 4:26 PM, Anonymous south american girl said...

Lol. Five presidents in a week were close to become of a scary movie!!!

He isn’t small, neither that cute. A sweet little thing scooting across the ice on his tummy? Mm. Nope. The penguin you’ve posted today (08 November 2005) IS nice. Instead, the one I’m talking about is tall, gawky and temperamental. He’s not smart –more often than not you can see his jacket kind of fluttering in the wind, which reminds you of an untidy school boy blazer- and we call him Penguin because he was born and bread in a region of our country where always snows in winter. Most of us see him as the man who has come from the land of perennial ice.

Ah! There’s something missing. Penguin is also called “Tuertín”, so his full moniker would be “Cross-Eyed Penguin”. Over there, you might be thinking that we’re cruel. But the point is that we’re tired of him and of his disgraceful manners, which make us ashamed to have him as President! Humour is supposed to have a cathartic effect on people…

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Swedish Girl said...

Hehe, cross-eyed penguin! Full marks for creativity I'd say!

That penguin DOES sound scary. More like that demented Penguin in one of the Batman films, if you remember?


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