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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Strangers Re-United

An acquaintance from my Uni in Strasbourg is setting up a get-together next week and wondered if I wanted to come along. To my surprise, I heard myself replying that sure, I would be there.

“Good old Strassers,” my acquaintance said wistfully. “Those were the days!”

“Oh yes,” I agreed, trying to remember anything we had actually done together in Strasbourg, apart from occasionally indulging in some awkward foreigner-in-France cheek-kissing when passing each other in the corridors. “Who’s going to be there?”

“Just the usual crowd,” acquaintance said and went on to list a number of names, out of which I only recognised one as possibly belonging to a girl who used to dance around with a whistle. I wasn’t sure if I should enquire about the whistle, since she probably wasn’t still doing that.

In the end I decided on a simple: “See you next Friday, then!”

Some e-mailing with Alias Aurora, who I also met in Strasbourg, led to the conclusion that we should go.

“I’m not sure if I’ll recognise them, or if they recognise me,” I deliberated, “but I suppose I can always keep my ears open for the sound of a whistle.”

”Don’t be a party-pooper again,” was Aurora’s brisk reply. “It’ll be fun!”

I’ll keep you posted.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger josephknecht said...

Oh god. You'll pay for flights to Strasbourg, and no-one you know or like will be there, so you and your solitary friend will get stupidly drunk and make idiots of yourselves, and then the venue will be set on fire by passing rioters, and you'll be accidentally arrested in the ensuing melée, and end up the victim of police brutality in a small penal colony in southern Alsace.

Sounds like a laugh.

At 4:06 PM, Blogger Swedish Girl said...

Whey-hey! Torching a Renault or two, now that's a new type of University re-union!

Hm, unfortunately, we're only meeting up here in London - we're a random bunch of people who seem to have ended up here to work.


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